Bodegas Rosell Madrid – The Spanish cuisine you came here for

The most common topic of conversation in Spain is food, and I love how Spaniards love Spanish cuisine above all else. Nowadays you can eat food from most parts of the world in Madrid (which is awesome!), But national dishes are still number one and a popular place to taste classics is Bodegas Rosell.

Food tastes are truly egalitarian in Spain – there is nothing too sophisticated or too humble about Spanish cuisine to exclude a section of the population. These are good ingredients, simply prepared. Whenever I’m away, after a while, I plan what I’m going to eat when I get back to Madrid. Think about dishes with honest and bold flavors, enjoyed with friends and family. Formal sit-down meals are fine, but when relaxing on the weekends, Spaniards are happy to settle into a bar and enjoy plate after plate of shared dishes, accompanied by beer, wine, vermut or sherry.

Do you want to try some Spanish cuisine in the Spanish way? Bodegas Rosell is the place. Try superb traditional dishes such as croquetas, boquerones en vinagre or tortilla de patata and pair them with a bottle of something from their extensive wine list. The more people you go with, the better – sharing is so much fun, and these portions are sized with that in mind.

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