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Chef Bertram Flowers of Moody River Grille brings over 20 years of cooking experience to his role in the kitchen.

“I’ve cooked my whole life,” says Flowers. “Cooking has always been in our family. My brother is a master cook in Connecticut and my mom has always been a great cook.

Originally from New England, Flowers is familiar with breakfast dishes – he cooked at IHOP for 14 years – and specializes in Italian cuisine.

“I cook great lasagna,” he says. “I can make fresh pasta and sauces. Cannoli too.

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When he’s not in the kitchen at Moody River, Bertram enjoys eating on the town. His wife has Crohn’s disease, so the couple have to stick to tried places. Here are some of their must-see addresses.

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Cookies

What is your favorite type of food and where do you go for it? My wife loves seafood. We are passionate about seafood. We love going to Red Lobster. They have great seafood and these cheddar cookies.

How about a casual dinner? Ruby Tuesday has a great atmosphere. It’s cozy and they have delicious appetizers.

How about something sweet? The Cold Stone on the Boulevard de Santa Barbara. We took my mom there when she came from Baltimore to visit us. That was delicious.

What would be your last meal? My favorite dish is a lobster tail, a steak, a baked potato and a salad. I tell everyone, if I had to have one last meal, that would be it. Outback Steakhouse makes a good baked potato and a good cooked steak.

Moody River Grille can be found at 4085 Hancock Bridge Parkway, North Fort Myers. Call 599-2615 or visit to learn more.

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